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What's going on with COTTON?

The year of 2019 has taken off with a bang. Collective Organization Towards Teaching Our Nation has taken two contracts at CALPEP in Oakland to provide wellness therapy, empowerment groups, workshops, and staff training to African American youth ages 14-24 years old.

So far at 6 months into the contract COTTON has begun working with 20 youth and young adults to help them identify positive role models, support in their communities, increase coping skills, psychoeducation, harm and risk reduction counseling, and leadership skills training.

We are excited to be off the ground and look forward to our ongoing work in our community. If you have any youth that need a safe space, a hot meal, wellness services, and all that we offer please send them to CALPEP at 2811 Adeline Street, Oakland CA 94804. If you have any questions call (510) 874-8785.

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