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Empowering the Next Generation

Among the educators and service providers at Collective Organization Towards Teaching Our Nation, we are strong believers in the ability of our youth and young adults to succeed. Our workshops, mental health services, risk and harm reduction services, and cultural activities are designed to help our youth and young adults increase knowledge of self and increase wellness. Our goal is and to decrease risk and harm and encourage our youth and young adults to focus and/or refocus on reaching their goals and fulfilling their highest potential. We are proud of all our youth, and love watching them grow into bright-minded and confident individuals.


See how we’re involved in making a difference in our youth's lives.


Committed to Enriching the Lives of  our Youth and Young Adults

Youth and young adults today have so much to offer to the world - we believe in the power that they hold, and know that they will mold future generations to come. At Collective Organization Towards Teaching Our Nation, we are here to give them the support and guidance they need in order to shape them into leaders of the future. We have a number of educational workshops, wellness counselors, mentors, and leadership initiatives that help nurture our youth and young adults to help them develop the knowledge of self and skills they will carry throughout their lives. Donate today, and see how you can make an impact!


Empowering our youth and young adults to Be a Better Version of Themselves

Since 2017, Collective Organization Towards Teaching Our Nation has been nurturing and supporting our community’s youth and young adults by providing mental wellness and case management face to face and workshop services. All of our workshops are designed with their best interests in mind. Educators at Collective Organization Towards Teaching Our Nation, provide our youth with the skills they need to thrive in society. From our Educational Workshops to our Fundraising Opportunities - we have a variety of services that are available to young African Americans ages 14 to 24 years old. Browse through our services, and see the extent of what we have to offer.

Educational Workshops

Since 2017, we have contributed to the development of youth and young adults ages 14 to 24 years old in the greater San Francisco area through our wide range of services. Our Educational Workshops are centered on instilling strong values and values clarification into our youth and young adults and provides a space for them to expand their mind while meeting peers that aspire to reach higher heights. The goal is to increase communal solidarity. 

Interested Student
Group of Friends

Cultural Outings and Community Building

We provide youth in the Oakland San Francisco Bay Area with a number of enriching cultural outings from social justice events to museums to hiking to volunteering to career fairs to help shape their identity and career paths.


Our Cultural Outings and Community Building activities provide our youth and young adults with the chance to experience culture and meet other Cottonseeds.


Come experience it for yourself today!

Fundraising Opportunities

At Collective Organization Towards Teaching Our Nation, we strive to empower the lives of youth in the Oakland and San Francisco communities through our grass roots and grounded approach. Because we are funded through grants and contracted services we need to raise funds to provide workshops at no cost to our youth.


Our Fundraising Opportunities is designed to provide youth with all the tools they need to be great leaders tomorrow. We are happy to be a driving force behind the development of our youth and young adults, and hope to continue making a difference in their lives. 

We need your support in making these efforts happen. Donate today. Join us in fundraising efforts. 

Rap Music Performance
Hatha Class

Mental Health and Wellness

It is our goal at Collective Organization Towards Teaching

Our Nation to provide wellness services to address and

support mental health disparities. These services include psychotherapy, harm reduction, and risk reduction services. We believe the best way to increase health and wellness is by being mindful, accessing resources, building trust and awareness within our community, and creating tangible and obtainable goals.

We provide mental health services to African Americans youth, young adults, and adults with the highest need in and outside of the LGBTQ+ community. We serve those with high risk, dual diagnosed, substance users, and those struggling depression and anxiety. Our goal is to provide services that meet people where they are without judgement.  

Email us for more information on how to access services.

If you are having an emergency call:


LGBTQ Youth Crisis Line: 866-488-7386

LGBTQ Elder Hotline: 888-234-7243

Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255

Don’t Be the Last to Know!


At Collective Organization Towards Teaching Our Nation, we have been involved with our ever growing community, and are happy to share our achievements with you. For many years, we have been making a difference in the lives of youth and young adults in the greater Oakland and San Francisco area, and we take pride in everything we do. With this approach this collective group of educators are coming together to empower and educate young African Americans in California. Read all about our latest updates, and get involved today!

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